What’s Happening

We’re using this space to highlight the latest events and newest developments, not only at Merritt Productions, but in the industry at large. We hope you will find this information useful in developing ideas for you own custom fabrications.

Client: Seattle’s Best

In early 2010, we were commissioned by an advertising agency in Seattle, Washington to do a project for Seattle’s Best, a division of Starbuck’s Coffee. Merritt was asked to fabricate 4 oversize refrigerators for a guerilla marketing campaign. These pieces would be on display for 6 months in 4 major cities in the western United States. They would be transported to different locations and set up for dispensing a new brand of drink. The interior of the refrigerators were rigged with special effects. When the door opened, a switch would trigger fog, sound and lighting effects. In addition to the oversize pieces, we altered 4 existing fridges to work as push carts for dispensing drinks.